Kahua forged & precision milled trucks (front & back truck) incl. dual motor mount

  • The Kahua truck is made for speed on any terrain! It is the combination of a forged and precision milled hanger with super strong 12mm diameter / 8mm stepped axles and a 50-degree baseplate.

    340mm total truck width with axles made of extremely strong carbon steel.

    Tighten the 92A barrel bushings and your board will be stable for gnarly speed fun, loosen them and you can enjoy an intense carving session.

    These Kahua trucks come with two fully adjustable motor mounts, that can be freely rotated to accommodate any angle depending on your deck, be it back or front facing.

    Motor types of up to 6374 format will perfectly fit in dual configuration. Certain types of 6380 motors would also fit, however please consult with us first to ensure that there are no issues. It is strongly recommended to have a minimum motor shaft length of 30mm (both 10mm and 8mm shaft diameters are suitable).

    Important note:

    The Kahua trucks will be sent out fully pre-assembled. It is not recommended to remove the axles from the hanger as we have used strong Loctite on the grub screws keeping the axles in place. If you wish to remove the axles, let us know in advance and you will receive the hanger and axles separated.



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