36T ABEC 11 Flywheel compatible (Street) - drive gear & belt combo kit

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    Haggy Drive System combo drive gear and belt kit for use with original ABEC 11 Flywheels (80-93mm diameter). Drive gears each include a single 6001 (or 16100-A-2Z) bearing.

    Important note:

    This drive gear / pulley DOES NOT fit your standard longboard trucks. It is a drive gear that is specifically made to fit the Kahua trucks (in combination with the 6001 type bearing) and the Surfrodz 90mm truck (in combination with the 16100-A-2Z type bearing).

    Please take this into considerationBEFORE you make a purchase.

    This drive gear DOES NOT fit most of the Flywheel clones that are commonly found on the internet. If you wish to use clones, please ensure that the core is exactly the same as the original Flywheels.

    Wheels, wheel bearings and spacers are not included.


Bearing type:
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