Bergmeister (All-terrain) - tire set

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    Replacement set of tires for the Bergmeister All-terrain wheels. Quality tires, custom-made by the renowned Taiwanese INNOVA tire manufacturer.

    • Inflate to max. 85psi with a diameter of 150mm and width of 45mm

    • Super lightweight, soft and durable rubber composite

    • Special dome shaped tire profile for max. grip and extremely low rolling resistance

    • Reinforced bead (edge of the tire that tucks into the rim)

    • Very high tensile strength casing

    The Bergmeister All-terrain tire is designed with a multi-arc profile, which means that the thread profile varies across the full tire profile. This design allows for better steering and providing substantially more traction than normal shaped tires of same diameter.

    Important note:

    Inner tubes, drive gears and hubs are not included.

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