Bergmeister (All-terrain) - complete pneumatic wheel set - 147mm diameter

  • Complete Bergmeister All-terrain pneumatic wheels (set of 4 wheels). Precision CNC milled three-spoke hubs in 7 different colors to choose from 147mm wheel diameter and 45mm width. Fits all standard longboard trucks with 8mm axles.

    The Bergmeister All-terrain tire is designed with a multi-arc profile, which means that the thread profile varies across the full tire profile. This design allows for better steering and providing substantially more traction than normal shaped tires of same diameter.

    Important note:

    HERE on Thingiverse you can download for free a 55T drive gear /pulley that is specifically designed to work with TB218 and Evolve GT trucks. We recommend having the pulley CNC milled out of POM.

    Feel free to make changes to the design according to your specific requirements. If you have any questions, let us know. We are happy to help.

    Wheel bearings, drive gears & timing belts are not included.

    Please note: the perception of color is different depending on the lighting conditions. Pictures of rims taken indoors may look differently outdoors.

BERGMEISTER All-terrain color options for the rim. All rims have been sandblasted.

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