Haggy Drive System - (All-terrain) incl. Bergmeister pneumatic wheels

  • Complete Haggy Drive System All terrain version that includes a complete set of our Bergmeister All-terrain 150mm wheels that come in different color options for the hub. Everything you need for your electric skateboard. Just add your ESCs, remote control and battery pack and you are ready to go.

    The Haggy Drive System is a dual rear mount setup on extra wide forged and precision milled trucks with 50-degree baseplates. Two custom-built high powered & water resistant 6374 – 190kv or 170kv (actual value can be slightly lower) sensored motors deliver massive amounts of power to the wheels.

    The 60T drive gears are specifically made to fit the Bergmeister All-terrain wheels.

    Important note:

    The motors work with max. 12s batteries. You will void your motor’s warranty if you take apart the motor yourself. Prior to every skate session, please double-check that all screws, nuts and bolts are tight. The set comes fully pre-assembled.

    Please note: the perception of color is different depending on the lighting conditions. Pictures of rims taken indoors may look differently outdoors.

BERGMEISTER All-terrain color options for the rim. All rims have been sandblasted.
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