36T Señor Pepe - Kegel core compatible (Street) - single drive gear

  • Haggy Drive System single drive gear for use with Señor Pepe 90mm wheels. The drive gear is fully compatible with other wheels that feature the same center-set Kegel core. Drive gear includes a single 6001 (or 16100-A-2Z) bearing.

    Important note:

    Wheels, wheel bearings, timing belts and spacers are not.

    This drive gear / pulley DOES NOT fit your standard longboard trucks. It is a drive gear that is specifically made to fit the Kahua trucks (in combination with the 6001 type bearing) and the Surfrodz 90mm truck (in combination with the 16100-A-2Z type bearing).

    Please take this into considerationBEFORE you make a purchase.


Bearing type
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